Project Logistics are delighted to announce that they have relocated their offices to Markham Vale.

Jillian Mitchell says "Moving into these new offices, within a building designed by the Practice, is a really exciting time for us – we have excellent, energy efficient offices with great facilities, and of course, the opportunity to show-case our work."

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how a project works

We have created some useful information about how projects work - please click here for our five top tips to getting the most out of your project.

Chesterfield Champions

Jillian Mitchell recently became a Chesterfield Champion, to support the town in promoting all that is good in the area.

An 'Invest in Chesterfield' video has just been launched which captures the essence of Chesterfield and some of the scenes were shot at MSE's Headquarters at Markham Vale.

You can view the video here and see more images of MSE's building in our gallery here.